Three Key Reasons Your Printed Business Card Is Still Relevant

With so much of the business environment transitioning to digital storage and information control, something as small as a business card can easily be overlooked or dismissed as irrelevant. The truth is, paper business cards do still have their place, and understanding their benefits will help you to retain the professional advantage over someone who's gone all digital. Here are a few of the reasons why you should keep a business card on hand at all times.

A Few Habits That Might Damage Your Copier

Many offices have some type of service agreement or lease with a company that maintains the copiers, puts in new cartridges and drums when needed, and may even supply some paper regularly. All you have to do is dust the outside of the machine when you are dusting everything else. However, there are a few things people tend to do around or to a copier that could end up damaging it.

3 Tips To Prevent Frustrating Reading Issues With Your Barcode Scanner

If you are thinking about using a barcode scanner for inventory control reasons, you might worry about potential issues with the scanner reading your barcodes. Luckily, today's barcode scanners should do a good job of reading your barcodes, but there can still be issues from time to time. If you follow these tips, however, you can help prevent frustrating reading issues with your barcode scanner. 1. Choose a Higher-End Model

Making Advertisements For Your Fund Raiser

If you are going to be helping with a fund raiser, you want to make sure you have everything you need to put the fund raiser together in a way that ensures you get the word out about it as much as possible. Fliers, stickers, shirts and bumper stickers are some of the ways you can bring awareness to your cause. If the fund raiser is going to be a temporary one, then it may be a good idea for you to rent some of the equipment you will need, such as printers and copiers.

Choosing The Right Paper For Your Photo Book

Printing a photo book is a great way to display your memories. With online photo book printing services you can create books any size and style. If you would like smaller books, consider creating one book for each month. Or, if you want a larger book, print a book at the end of every year. After you arrange your photos and decide on a book size, you will need to decide what type of paper to use.