Let Me See Your True Colors: How Print Colors In Insert Marketing Can Impact Customers

Virtually everyone has received mailing inserts in their "snail mail". Inserts are the frequently loose, but sometimes attached, advertisements or informational mail pieces stuck inside other mailed publications. If you are a business owner, the goal of the insert is to generate interest in your business and result in additional revenue. When designing an insert, choosing print colors most likely to lead to a purchase is sometimes overlooked.

Why Would a Business Choose Insert Printing for Advertising?

Most communications today are electronic and digital. Between email, the Internet, blogs, and social media, consumers are bombarded by digital ads. In fact, the web has become so saturated with advertisements that they can be overlooked as useless information and filler in the background of a page. Some ads, such as pop-ups, interrupt the user's time and cause frustration in the browsing experience. In contrast, printed insert advertising allows the consumer the time to read, consider, and save the information for a time when they are better able to consider their needs without interruption. An eye-catching color scheme can help make inserts more valuable than other forms of advertising.

How Do Colors Used in Inserts Impact the Perception of a Business?

One of the first things that a person perceives about a business using an insert is its visual appeal. A colorful, eye catching insert is more likely to be retained. Colors create a response in a person's nervous system. A particular color can bring back memories of something pleasant, such as a time of year, an emotion, or a perceived quality. When choosing colors for insert advertising, consider the following colors that may lead to a profitable return on your advertising investment:

  • Orange: Orange is a very high energy color. This is the color considered most likely to be appealing to impulse shoppers. The color orange actually has an impact on the human brain leading to increased mental activity. This may help in getting the consumer to quickly take that next step to pursue your product or service.
  • Black: Black can bring on positive or negative emotions. It can give the impression of darkness and negativity. However, when used with another powerful color, such as orange, it contrasts to make a strong visual impact even stronger.
  • Purple: Purple is a color associated with wealth and royalty. In addition, the color is considered the color of beauty and youthfulness. The use of purple may help in encouraging the consumer that seeks affluence, luxury, and youth, to make purchases with your business.
  • Yellow: Yellow is the color of happiness, sunshine, and coziness. Including the color yellow in an insert is a good way to make the consumer feel happiness and that "warm, fuzzy feeling" when reading about your product.

In today's competitive advertising market, making the right impression is critical. Paper inserts are a proven way to get people's attention. Paying attention to something as simple as color selection for your print inserts can help your business stand out from the rest. For more information about printing needs, contact companies like Flottman Company.