Embroidering Versus Silkscreen Printing Your Company Uniforms - Which Option Is Best?

While flipping through the design options you have available for your business uniforms, certain things may stand out prominently. A beautiful silkscreen company t-shirt may include the logo, an image of business headquarters, or even a group photo of all current members of staff. On the other hand, a custom embroidered uniform shirt could possibly just have the first name of the worker it was created for or simply the company name stitched just above the breast pocket. There's no right or wrong answer for businesses looking to commission new company uniforms, but here are a few different aspects of company uniform design you should explore before selecting your course of action.

Uniformity In the Workplace

In some business settings, creating a look that is uniform can help customers to get what they need faster. Custom embroidering services frequently stitch up business uniforms with just the company names on the shirt. In other cases, employees have their names put on company uniforms so that consumers can immediately know who they are speaking with.

Promoting uniformity in the workplace also has other advantages, such as helping all workers to feel that they are on an equal playing field. Silkscreen printed uniforms can also be used to created a uniform look within a business setting; however, this form of uniform customization isn't suitable for printing company names alone. Generally, silkscreen printing is used primarily to recreate images on cotton t-shirts.

Creating A Professional Looking Company Uniform

If you want your business uniforms to be professional, you may want to keep the design on the basic side. Get creative with the colors you use for the uniform itself, and select text in a contrasting hue. Any images selected should be tasteful and simplified.

An embroidered name on a company uniform gives customers just enough information that they can quickly scan visually without becoming distracted. Silkscreen shirts and uniforms also have their place in the business world, usually when company owners want to commemorate annual picnics, conferences, or even contest winners.

Seamlessly Integrating New Staff

Sometimes newly hired employees don't feel like they really belong until their uniforms are provided. With custom embroidered uniforms, getting your new employees ready for the job is as simple as selecting a top that fits. Keep a collection of uniforms on hand, in various sizes, so that new hires can immediately get changed and report for duty.

New hires can also be integrated with silkscreen printed uniform tops, and there is not obvious advantage between either printing option. As long as you have enough uniforms available for both new and existing employees to maintain a uniform company image, feel free to go with the selection that matches your business best.

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