Consider These Points As You Design Your Bass Drum Head

If you feel that the stock head of your bass drum looks a little bland, a good solution to consider is having a drum head printing company print a custom head for you. There are lots of ways that you can move forward with this idea. Some of these companies even give you the ability to upload a design online, see a rendering of how it would look on the head of a bass drum, and then order it. As you plan your design, here are some points that you'll want to consider to ensure that your printed drum head looks its best.

Position Of The Port Hole

A lot of drummers favor having a round hole, known as a port hole, in the head of their drum. The hole provides a spot to place a microphone during live performances and recordings. Different drummers like having this hole in different spots on the drum head. It's important for you to think about where you want the hole to be on your drum head. Knowing this location in advance will ensure that the position of the hole doesn't compromise the look of your printed head. For example, you don't want to have the hole cut off part of a word. Once you decide where the hole will be, you can design the drum head accordingly.

Brand Inclusion

A lot of drummers who use custom heads on their bass drums like the idea of having the drum manufacturer's name and logo appear as part of the design. Displaying this information helps to give your drum a professional look. Additionally, if you've progressed in your music career to the point that a drum manufacturer donates gear or provides gear at a deep discount, you may like the idea of having the brand visible. Consider this information's size and placement as you design your drum head.

Matching Look

Although the drum head is the part of your kit that is most visible to people who are in attendance at your show, they can also see your other drums. When you're thinking of various drum head designs, you may want to choose a color scheme that suits the color of the shells of your other drums. For example, if you have drums that have red shells, you may want your bass head to include at least some red to tie in visually. Keep these points in mind when you order a custom-printed drum head.

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