Keys To Putting High-Quality Prints On Hardcover Books

If you've put in the time to write your own novel and it's being published, you want to make sure the print comes out great if you're going the hardcover route. It will if you make sure these book printing insights are considered. 

Decide Between Color and Grayscale

The colors that you use are an important part of how your hardcover prints come out. You can either go full color or grayscale with this decision. The former option is going to be more vibrant, but you may have to pay a printing company more for them. However, if you want your book's hardcover truly standing out, this may be the way to go.

Whereas if you're on a budget or perhaps looking to go in a more subtle direction with your hardcover's design, grayscale may be the better choice ultimately. You may want to see examples of both too just to make sure you're doing what's best. 

Talk to a Graphic Artist Before Printing

If you're not sure what elements to incorporate on the hardcover of your book, you probably want to hold off on printing for a little while and instead work with a graphic artist. They can take your ideas and put them on paper in a visual way that makes sense. 

Working with them can help you get a cohesive design for the cover of your book, one that's relevant to the subject matter being discussed. Then once you get the perfect design thanks to this artist, you can give it to a printing company and have them realize this vision in a professional way.

Find a Printer Experienced with Hardcovers

Hardcovers have particular properties that need to be accounted for in order for your prints to turn out great on them on a consistent basis. Along these lines, try to line up a relationship with a printer who's well-versed in printing on hardcovers.

They will already know what properties these covers have and thus what protocols to use when putting high-quality prints on them. They can help you decide on specifics too like materials, colors, and inks. 

If you've written your own book and you're now at the publishing stage, an important process is putting prints on the hardcover. Then you'll have a complete book that you can sell in a more successful way. Just make sure you take your time with things like designs, colors, and printing professionals that you work with. 

For more information on hardcover book printing, contact a company near you.