3 Things You Should Know About Screen Printing

Are you thinking of hiring screen printing services? Read on to learn more about your options. 

Things That Can Be Screen Printed

For most people, t-shirts come to mind when they think about screen printing. However, there are a large variety of different things that can be screen printed, and most options have nothing to do with clothing. For example, you could screenprint, balloons, electronics, wood, banners, ceramics, and more. 

The truth is that screen printing has very few limitations in terms of what it will stick to and show up on. Even windows and medical devices can be screen printed with things such as logos, advertisements, and identification numbers.

Reasons to Screen Print

There are just as many reasons to have something screen printed as there are things to screen print. While screen printing is usually done to create t-shirts other types of clothing with customized designs, some people and organizations using screen printing in other ways and for many different reasons. For example, a company may have shirts, pants, or aprons with logos for employees to wear so that they can be easily identified by customers.

Some organizations have wood, glass, or plastic awards screen printed with custom sayings or accolades so that they can be presented to employees, investors, or partners. Sometimes, screen printing is used to promote events on balloons and banners. Other times, this technology is used to create custom binders for a workshop or college course.

Benefits of Screen Printing

Screen printing offers some benefits that other types of printing do not. The fact that almost anything can be screen printed is a big benefit in itself, as other types of printing are only suitable for paper, wood, or other specific types of material. Another benefit of screen printing is that it is long-lasting. You do not have to have things reprinted regularly to avoid fading, even on signs and banners that are kept outdoors. Also, screen printing is vibrant and will show up on any color item, which can be tough for other types of printing to do.

Ways to Save Money on Screen Printing

Screen printing is cost-effective to begin with, but there are a couple of things you can do to save money on the service. First, consider buying in bulk. The more items you have screen printed at one time, the better deal you will get on each item. For example, if one screen-printed item will cost you $10, you may only be charged $8 each if you order 100 or more. Generally, the more you order the bigger discount you will be offered. Another thing you can do to save some money on screen printing is to keep your designs basic. The more intricate the design you want to print is, the more it will cost to print the design.