Signs You Need To Replace Your Copy Machine

After many years of propelling the efficiency cogs within your office, your copy machine may start to slow down and can't handle the piling print load. If you've heard your staff complaining about the copier machine, you know it's time to skip the repairs and invest in a copier with additional capacity and applications. Indeed, replacing an old copy machine may improve company morale and productivity.

Investing in a high spec copier with multifunction capacity ensures prompt task execution. When the reports, marketing flyers, memos, and brochures are printed on time, it reduces workplace stress and saves you a significant amount on the printing budget. However, you can't purchase a new copier if the current one comfortably delivers quality prints with no difficulties. 

The following signs tell you to need a new copy machine quickly.

Problems Finding Spare Parts

Office printing technology evolves fast, and new copiers show up every few years. Even if the machine in your office has sustained your workload, a shortage of toners and spare parts can leave you with no option. Some printer manufacturers discontinue the production of parts when sophisticated copy machines take over the market. As such, if you're struggling to find parts and paying exorbitantly to keep the printer going, you should upgrade.

Constant Need of Repair

After some time, your copy machine will stutter and present component failure. Although it's normal to call in the maintenance crew, frequent repairs to fix the printer head or paper loader can take a toll on your budget. A copier that keeps faltering can strain business relationships, especially if it starts delivering poor-quality prints. If you postpone the need to upgrade, recurrent repairs will add up and negatively affect your bottom line. You must consider the cost of repairs and that of purchasing a new copier. If the repair keeps draining your maintenance budget, a new machine is the best way to go.

Inadequate Printing Capacity

Things get tricky if the copy machine you rely on is in top shape but keep slowing the printing process. If you're scaling, your copier needs to increase concurrently. Instead of wasting hours waiting for the photocopier to deliver the increasing workload, you should consider a new copier. If the old machine is overworking to keep up with increasing needs, it won't take long before it crashes. When you realize that the sluggish printing process and streaked printouts can cost you business, you must upgrade immediately.

To learn more, contact a company that provides new copy machines.