4 Rules To Follow When Designing A Personal Custom Envelope Seal

If you are in the process of designing a personal custom envelope seal for a special event, such as a wedding or for holiday cards, make sure that you follow these four design rules. These four design rules will help you create a design that will work effectively when you send it to the printers. 

#1 Use Minimal Letters

When making a custom envelope seal, you don't have a lot of room to work with, so you want to make sure you use the space wisely. If you try to put too many letters on an envelope seal, the font will be so small that the message will be lost. 

If you want to convey a message with letters, try to keep it short. Use just your initials on the seal, or the date of your event. Try to keep it down to three or four letters or numbers so that they are easy enough to read. 

#2 Keep The Palette Simple 

Next, you want to keep the palette simple as well. If you are using colors on your envelope seals, stick to a color palette that incorporates just two or three colors. This will allow you to effectively use the colors in a way that will make your envelope seal stand out while still being easy on the eyes.

The exception to to this rule is if you want to use a a picture on your envelope seals. When you use a picture, try to use one that has clearly defined colors and lines, and is not too busy. 

#3 Consider The Envelope

You should also take into consideration the color of the envelope that you will be using when you choose the colors and design for the envelope seals. 

You may want to try to contrast colors between the seal and the envelope. For example, if your seal is a green color, you may want to put it on a red envelope for contrast. Or, if your seal is a dark purple, you may want to put it on a light purple envelope. Be sure to think about the color of envelope that you plan on using; this will help make your envelope seal stand out even more. 

#4 Use White Space

Finally, do not underestimate the power of white space on your envelope seals. White space can help make your simple design really pop and can make it look a little more elegant as well. There are different ways you can use white space. 

For example, you can put a white boarder around the outer edge to create definition between the seal and the envelope. Or, you can put a white boarder in between main design and the outside boarder; this will help draw the focus to the design in the middle. If you use an elaborate design, you may want to just surround the design with white space. 

By following these four design rules for creating personal envelope seals, you should be able to create your own envelope seals that look elegant on your envelopes for whatever special event you have planned. For more information, contact a local custom printing company.