How To Care For Photo Canvas Prints

Modern technology has made it extremely affordable for just about anyone to order a canvas print of their favorite photo in a wide variety of sizes from either an online or local print and photo shop. Here are a few tips for caring for the any canvas prints that you order.

You Can Hang Your Canvas Anywhere

A canvas print is a little different than an oil or acrylic painting on canvas. Any canvas print you order should be printed using ink that will not fade even if left in direct sunlight for almost an entire century. Most modern ink is designed not to fade for at least your entire lifetime.

That means you can hang your canvas print up on a wall that is exposed to direct sunlight, or you can hang it up and put a spotlight on it without worrying about damaging the integrity of the painting.

You Can Dust Off The Canvas

If your canvas gets a little dusty over time, you can use a duster to lightly remove the dust. When you use the duster, use one hand to make sure that the print stays steady, and the other hand to dust. You don't want to knock the print off the wall. You can also remove the print from the wall, dust it, and hang it back up.

Dusting the print will not damage it because a protective coating is applied on top of photo canvas prints. This protective coating allows you to do things like dust your canvas without having to worry about scratching it up.

You Can Wipe Away Spots

If for one reason or another you drop a drink or food near your canvas, and the food or drink splatters onto your canvas, do not freak out. That protective coating that allows you to dust your canvas also allows you to remove food and drink stains from your canvas as well.

All you have to do is take a clean dishcloth, get it a little damp, and work a little gentle dish soap into the cloth. Then, take the cloth and use very light pressure to remove the food or drink stain from the canvas. The protective coating will keep your canvas safe.

If you have recently purchased a canvas print, feel free to hang it up in any room in your house. It shouldn't fade or become discolored due to artificial or natural sunlight. If your canvas happens to get a little dusty or dirty, clean it off. Just remember to be gentle. 

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