Opening a New Doggy Daycare? 2 Ways to Bring Man's Best Friend through Your Door

Some pet owners do not like to leave their dogs home alone all day while they work, and are choosing to take them to a doggy day care instead. Starting a doggy day care business yourself can be a fulfilling and lucrative career option if you love dogs. Before you can bring man's best friend through your door, however, you will have to advertise. Below are two ways you can do this.

Rack Cards

If you travel, you have probably seen rack cards in restaurants and hotels advertising local attractions, such as museums and amusement parks. You can also take advantage of using rack cards for your doggy day care business.

Rack cards are larger than a business card, but smaller than a brochure. You can still fit a lot of information on them if you take advantage of both sides of the card. Put pictures of your doggy day care, along with your address and a map to your location. Include your website and email address, as well as your phone number. List the services you offer to your customers.

One way to get someone to pick up your rack card is to offer a discount. For example, you could offer the first day free to let them try it out before they sign up their dog for your daycare. You could also offer something free, such as a small bag of dog biscuits, or a dog toy if they bring the rack card in with them.

If you decide to use rack cards, hire a quality printing company to design and print them for you instead of doing it yourself. They have high quality printers that can make them look professional. Many printing companies have a design team that can help you create a good rack card. They are knowledgeable in knowing the right colors to use. They may suggest bright colors to catch someone's attention. They will also ask you the finish you want, such as glossy or matte,

The printing company will also know how to use the right fonts for the lettering. They may suggest that you use the serif font for the main part of the your text, and a sans serf font for headings on the card. The serif font works well because the letters have a flare at the end. This makes them more noticeable and easier to read. The sans serif font has a square edge, and looks more authoritative when used for headings.


Hire a website designer to design a website for your doggy day care. On your website put pictures of dogs you have there. Include pictures of the different areas of your business, such as an outside play area, resting area, etc. Include a complete list of the services you offer along with the prices. Allow your customers to sign up online, or request more information from you.

Before you hire a website designer, look at websites they have already designed for companies. Call those businesses and ask them if they were pleased with the designer, and if the website helped their business grow.

All website designers should understand search engine optimization, which is a way to get your website on the first page of the search engines.

Your doggy day care can become a successful business if you advertise in the right way. Use the two options above, as well as passing out flyers and business cards in your city or town. Talk to a designer like M13 Graphics for assistance.