Smart Things You Can Do With Your Business Cards

Business cards can do a lot more than distribute contact information. Using your business cards in smart ways, you can encourage more people to reach out to your business and attract attention from people that you never imagined would be clients. These tips will help you use your business cards to your full advantage. 

Use Your Cards to Distribute Promotions

If your business sells items that are regularly placed on sale, use your business cards to double as a coupon. Print your contact information on one side of the card, and print a coupon on the other side. Doing this will encourage people to keep your business card rather than throw it away and may encourage customers to pass on your business card to other interested parties. In addition, these business card "coupons" are easy to identify when they're redeemed, so you can tell when your promotional material is making an impression on customers. 

Use Business Cards to Write Notes

Before handing over your business card to a potential client, write a simple note on the back of the card that relates to the conversation you just had with that person. A simple "thank you" or a reminder of the conversation you just had with that person will suffice. Making this type of personal connection will help your interactions with that person stick out in their memory. This helps to ensure that your potential clients will think to contact you later. If you do plan to write personal notes on your business cards, take care not to order business cards printed on glossy stock, as this type of paper can cause ink to smear. 

Distribute Cards at Social Events

Keep a supply of your business cards on hand at all times. Whenever you're at a social event like a party, wedding or reunion, keep the cards in your wallet or purse. Distribute the business cards any time you're asked to give someone your phone number or other contact information. In addition to the fact that business cards are just convenient for distributing contact information for personal use, the recipient of your business card may wish to purchase your services at a later time. By handing that person your business card, you're encouraging that person to contact you should they ever need help from someone with your professional expertise.

It all comes down to this: business cards are an essential part of generating customers. By using your business cards creatively and at every opportunity, you maximize the effectiveness of your business cards. For more advice, speak with experts like Print Source.